IT, Maha and Tech

IT Service Request (ticket)

Submit your IT service request here or via email

IT Resources

CCE Tompkins Room & Equipment Reservation System -  Reserve Conference Rooms or shared resources

Using the Conference Room Projectors

Cornell Zoom Portal - Install Zoom - Login to the Zoom App

Activating a Cornell Google Suite account (optional)

MAHA  Service Request (ticket)

Submit your MAHA service request to

MAHA Finance Emails

You can email supporting documents to Maha so they show up in the Finance app as an "item".  Log on to Maha to fill out the remaining data required, then submit.

Video Resources

Equipment Process and Videos

How to set up the lights and the backdrop video (11:43 mins)

How to set up 3 point lighting (basics) video (5:57 mins)

How to use the Huawei phone/camera video (2:45 mins)

How to set up the camera tripod video (10:38 mins)

Videography Training Videos

Summer 2020 course by Jeremy Coyle. Google folder contains the slides, recordings, and resources for all 4 sessions.

Session 1: Pre-Production

Session 2: Production

Session 3: Post-Production

Session 4: Review and Final Q&A

Last updated September 13, 2021