Farm Marketing

Marketing experts on Cornell's South Central NY Regional Ag Team are housed at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County but are available to help farmers in the 5-county region that the team serves.  Contact Monika Roth or Matt LeRoux at (607) 272-2292 with your needs for information on:

  • Market Channels (direct marketing in general, Farmers Markets, CSA, Restaurants, Agritourism, Wholesale)
  • Marketing Regulations (General, Processing, Organic)
  • Organizations (Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty)


"Strategic Marketing for Livestock Producers"

beef cattleThis popular 4-part series, first offered in July, returns on September 15th, to be broadcast live at several Cooperative Extension Associations in NY State.  Visit our Calendar of Events for information on sites and dates.  You can also view taped workshops from July, which include  Matt LeRoux's powerpoint presentations and voiceovers. 

New "Guide to Marketing Channels" Released

cover of "Guide to Marketing Channels"Market channel selection is as important as production decisions for the small to medium sized fruit and vegetable operation.  The new "Guide to Marketing Channels" by Matt LeRoux, Agricultural Marketing Specialist on Cornell's South Central NY Regional Ag Team, is a decision-making aid for new farmers and for those considering marketing through a new channel.  The guide focuses on the marketing of fresh-market produce, however many of the marketing principles apply other agricultural products such as cut flowers, meats, honey, maple syrup, and dairy products.  While generalizations are made about the channels, exact details are subject to conditions with individual farms, their location, potential customer base size, and other factors.  See the "Guide to Marketing Channels" (PDF, 914kb)

Last updated: September 1st 2011 - 12:10pm