Members of Natural Leaders Initiative Cohort #1.

Members of Natural Leaders Initiative Cohort #1.

NLI's Impact

NLI Grads do many things to build a better community. They organize for change, create inspiring community-building projects, become more active in community organizations, and take on new leadership roles. They also become important role models for others. Learn more....

Program Evaluation

NLI has conducted two independent evaluations -- the first in 2008 and the second in 2010. Both evaluations found that:

90% changed how they saw "leaders" and "leadership." Before NLI, they saw leaders as"authority figures," "highly educated," or "arrogant." After NLI, they saw leaders as being people like themselves.

73% first saw themselves as a "leader" after taking part in the NLI program.
70% of NLI participants reported becoming more involved in the community.
21% reported taking on new formal leadership roles after NLI
  • Almost all reported significant increases in self-esteem; self-confidence; skills and knowledge; the ability to share their ideas and put them into action; and stronger social networks.
  • Participants also said that NLI gave them a leadership support network, introduced them to other community leaders they wouldn't have met on their own, helped them learn new skills, made them more aware of community resources and needs, and gave them more confidence in their ability to put their ideas into action.

2010 Evaluation summary (41kb Word document)

2008 Evaluation summary


Margo Hittleman
Natural Leaders Initiative Coordinator
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