Research & Additional Links

New York State's “Reforming the Energy Vision”, of which  Energy Smart Tompkins is a part:

The Smart Grid Consortium is a unique public-private partnership made up of major utilities, technology developers, academic and research institutions, and government and quasi-government entities.

Recording of recent presentations at a major conference on Reforming the Energy Vision:

A U.S. Department of Energy report on the results of tests on smart meters and related variable pricing programs

An independent research study from Europe which collected and compared a large number of pilots to demonstrate repeated and consistent results and give answers to a wide variety of concerns:

A recent newspaper article on the Cornell research teams working as part of the Energy Smart Tompkins

California Council on Science and Technology report written in response to California legislators’ request to understand more about the debate over whether smart meters present adverse health effects.

Distributed Energy Resources 101.The energy industry’s focus on DERs is a function of how important it’s become to understand the potential capabilities they have to offer. In 2015, U.S. electric utilities spent $103 billion in capital expenditures to maintain and upgrade the grid — and they now expect average annual spending of around $100 billion through 2018, even as growth in electricity demand slows.

Ever wonder how the USA's electric grid works? EPA has a comprehensive powerpoint on this topic, including explanation of a lot of terminology. Check out Electricity 101.


Rosalyn Bandy
Energy Smart Community Liaison

Last updated March 29, 2017