Plastic garden pots and trays being recycled at the 2008 Gardener's Pot Swap recycling event at CCE-Tompkins.
Image by Sandy Repp



CANCELLED: 2020 Gardeners Pot Swap Recycling Event

  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 4:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Due to limitations placed on our staff and volunteers by Covid-19, CCE-Tompkins will not host the annual Gardener's Pot Swap Recycling Event in 2020. Gardeners with extra pots to share are encouraged to ask their local nurseries if they will take pots back to reuse; and to reach out to other local gardeners via platforms such as Ithaca Freecycle, the Facebook group Ithaca Families Gift Economy or post them on CraigsList. Many garden pots are recyclable and the Tompkins County Recycling Center will accept any pots that are stamped with a number #1,2, or 5.

Please do not leave your pots at Cooperative Extension!


Jennie Cramer
Horticulture Program Manager
(607) 272-2292 ext 146

Last updated August 4, 2020