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Healthy Food for All is a partnership between CCE-Tompkins and local farmers.

Healthy Food For All

The Healthy Food For All (HFFA) program was founded in 2006 as a partnership of CCE-Tompkins' agriculture and nutrition programs with local farmers, to make it possible for households with limited resources to take part in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In CSA, consumers pay in advance for a "share" of the farm's output, and in return receive a box of fresh, local produce each week during the growing season. CSA offers many advantages to both consumers and farmers, but the average price that a farm needs to charge can be unaffordable for households with limited expendable income.

To participate in Healthy Food For All, households meet an income eligibility requirement, fill out an application form, and make a deposit on their share. Then, from June through November, members receive a weekly "solidarity share" of the local harvest for half of its regular cost (or about $250) from one of the participating farms in the Tompkins Area CSA Coalition (below). Farmers receive a subsidy from HFFA to cover the remaining cost of the share, from funds that HFFA raises through grants, donations, and events (such as Harvest Dinners on the Farm).

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To learn whether you are eligible for Healthy Food For All CSA, get the dates of the next Harvest Dinners, or find out how you can help support this program, visit Healthy Food For All on the web at

Email us at or call the front desk at CCE to be put in touch with Liz, Baz or Laticia.

Last updated April 19, 2019