The Mayor's Parking Space
Image by Martha Gioumousis

The Mayor's Parking Space at City Hall has replaced parking with benches and planters.

City Hall planters.

The planter at City Hall is outside the main entrance.

City Hall Community Beautification
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Perennial Columbine in full bloom every spring at City Hall

city hall
Image by Martha Gioumousis

Monarch Butterfly on Butterfly Weed at City Hall

city hall community beautification
Image by Martha Gioumousis

The Mayor's Mailbox at City Hall

City Hall & the Mayor's Parking Space

City Hall is on Green St. just east of S. Cayuga St.  The plantings here are in elevated planter boxes next to a walkway and facing a brick wall. A mix of bulbs—including the City’s earliest daffodils—annuals and perennials bloom all season. Flowers include Coreopsis, Heliopsis, Crocosmia, Butterfly weed (Asclepias curassavica), Columbine, Centaura, Marigolds and Petunias.

The Mayor’s Parking Space was first planted in 2012 and features seasonal park benches and large tree trunk planters planted with pansies in April, fancy mixed annuals in the summer and ornamental kale in fall.

Due to construction on the nearby Harold's Square project, the Mayor's Parking Space has been dismantled until the construction is finished.

Last updated February 5, 2020