CCE-Schuyler Teaching Garden 2012, fresh picked vegetables
Image by Schuyler County

Meet with others to share projects and garden!

Garden Network

The Gardener's Network is a coalition of growers and educators in Tompkins County who are working together to promote and expand land access, gardening and garden-related educational opportunities

Each month the session will be held at a different location in our community to: a) give participants an opportunity to see multiple projects; b) give host sites an opportunity to share projects publicly and to receive feedback; and, c) to provide extra hands for any work the host site may need d) to discuss strategies and tactics that we can use to achieve our goals. If you are interested in hosting a future session at your project or potential garden site, please send a short description of the project, and the name/phone/email of a contact person to Josh Dolan at We are currently looking for hosts for our 2013 series.

2014 Schedule:

Gardener's Networking Meeting - Wednesday January 22, from 6:00-8:00 pmKickstart the gardening season early with a series of garden educator networking meetings featuring two presenters each month. Erin Marteal and Rusty Keeler from the Ithaca Children's Garden will talk about hands-on education for children in the garden. Please feel free to bring some finger foods to share and visit our seed cabinet while you are here. It's brimming with this year's shipment of donated seeds!

Gardener's Networking Meeting -Tuesday March 4, 6:30-8:30 pm
Hear from fellow educators about exciting school andcommunity garden projects. Wayne Gottlieb from DeWitt Middle Schoolwill talk about school gardens and science curriculum, andAudrey Baker of Wood's Earth will talk about farm-to-school projectsand edible schoolyards. Free.


Josh Dolan
Food Gardening Outreach Educator
(607) 272-2292 ext. 190

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