Native/Pollinator Gardens

New Native/Pollinator Gardens

Check back soon for updates, plant lists and photos!

The Community Beautification Program chooses plants based on several factors:  type of site--walk by or drive by, ease of watering, size, visibility and prominence.  Many sites use colorful annuals to provide a splash of color as cars drive by.  Others feature a mix of annuals and perennials for sustainability as well as summer color.  Shrubs and grasses provide winter interest.

Increasingly, the Program is choosing plants native to our area and pollinator plants.   Native plants are part of the natural ecosystem and provide food and shelter to indigenous animals, insects and birds.  Natives are an easy way to educate about sustainability and diversity.  Plants that support pollinators include many flowering plants, including natives.

Natives/pollinator plants have been added to these sites:

Pump House #1

Dryden Road Park

Purity Point

The Rotary

Van Horn Park

Rainshadow Garden

Bridge to Science (Certified Monarch Waystation)

Zelkova Strip

New gardens planted in 2018 and 2019 with native and pollinator plants:

Brindley Park by the flood control channel

Mental Health Building on Green St.

Pump House #2 on Cherry St.

Dewitt Park sidewalk strip

Pedestrian Refuge plots on W. State St.

Creekwalk by the old bridge

Aurora St Triangle (re-design and re-plant fall of 2019)

Last updated January 29, 2021