For Employers

Transportation is critical to making a community work - culturally, environmentally and economically. Transportation problems can lead to significant losses and costs among employees and employers. Alternatively, positive commuting options and support can reduce expenses while helping attract and retain desirable employees, get them to work on time, and improve their health, morale and productivity. Employers across the country are finding that clean, green, affordable, healthy and accessible transportation is good business.

Locally, Way2Go is working with employers to create win-win commuting solutions for Tompkins County workplaces. Benefits to employers can include:

  • Paying less in taxes and for employee parking
  • Offering low-cost or no-cost employee benefits
  • Increasing employee productivity, health and morale
  • Attracting a more diverse workforce
  • Minimizing the high costs of staff turnover

What's more, supporting sustainable transportation in the community can:

  • Enhance your organization's positive image
  • Improve area traffic congestion
  • Make it easier for customers to visit your business
  • Lower our collective carbon emissions
  • Make you a leader in creating the new green economy

Way2Go Employer Commuter Opportunities

Way2Go can keep you informed of the latest Commuter Options, and remind you of Employer Opportunities to raise employee morale while reducing your expenses, such as through Commuter Tax Incentives. Way2Go offers customized, one-on-one services to employers, including:

  • Phone or in-person updates on transportation services and commuter options
  • Consultation on diverse options for supporting commuter options and their benefits
  • Transportation education provided directly to your employees through educational materials, displays, announcements or workshops
  • Encourage participation in county wide commuter challenges & events

Last updated August 2, 2019