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Parkway Center's Way2Go Oneida & Herkimer

For Helping Professionals

Training for Helping Professionals

Do people look to you for help and information? Do you work in a human services, human resources or in a 'front desk' role?

Way2Go can help ensure you're familiar with current transportation services and strategies, so that you can help people make the best use of current options. You can see our online information on transportation options, give us a call, or even request a training or workshop for your staff.

SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES: Contact us as shown below to subscribe to 'Transportation Announcements,' a quarterly/periodic email list summarizing current transportation options and updates,

ON YOUR DESK: Order a Way2Go "Transportfolio" folder of transportation services information to keep at your desk, to use or share with your clients or participants. Contact Way2Go to request one, (available in September,) or if you think you might want multiple folders, to use with a group.

STAFF TRAINING: We may also be available to come speak with a group of your staff, or help you include transportation training in your own orientation or staff training. Contact Norma at ng32@cornell.edu or call Way2Go at 272-2292 with requests or for more information.

Topics covered include:

  • Medical trips transportation options
  • TCAT, FISH, Gadabout, and ADA Paratransit
  • Ridesharing tips and Finger Lakes Rideshare
  • Ithaca Carshare: how it works and best uses
  • Local bike resources and bike-share services
  • Ithaca's wheelchair-accessible taxis
  • Aging, driving, driver assessments and driver retirement
  • School Success and ICSD Transportation Liasons
  • Transportation support services and resources

Last updated May 3, 2018