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Many people are interested in ridesharing to save money and pollute less.

Finding Rides & Riders

1. Start with who you know

A good way to find people to share rides with is to start right around you. Are there coworkers who might live in your direction or area? Are there family, friends, co-workers or neighbors might need to run the same errand, or be attending the same event as you? You may be able to share rides with people going in the same general direction, even if they're not going to the exact same place.

2. Ask!

Many people are interested in sharing rides to save money, pollute less, and even have more fun. Offer a ride and/or offer to share the costs of a trip-whether a one-time or regular, short- or long-distance trip-and you might be surprised how many people are ready to accept. For tips on safety issues or making rideshare agreements, see our Ridesharing main page.

3. Get help!

You may be able to find someone who can help you or others who want to share rides find each other. They might know ways to get the word out, gather information on people willing to consider ridesharing, or even help match people up. You may want to try asking:

Someone in your workplace, such as a supervsior, office manager, human resources staff or adminstrative assistant;

A teacher, coach, or other person in your child's school or community program. If your child goes to a school in the Ithaca City School District, ask the teacher or principal to put you in touch with your school's Transportation Liaison for support.

A leader, volunter coordinator or helpful person in your religious organization or community group who might be willing to help connect people who want to share rides.

4. Ride offering/seeking notices

Consider putting a note in a newsletter, bulletin or listserv you receive offering or looking for rides. Your workplace might have bulletin board or a meeting where people interested in ridesharing can see if their needs match up.

5. Use the internet

Finger Lakes Rideshare is a rideshare matching website for people going to or coming from the Finger Lakes Region to post and share rides with each other. Rideshare is used for commuting and longer trips. The Finger Lakes Rideshare public portal is open to everyone. Since rideshare is especially popular with local colleges, there are portals for Cornell University, Ithaca College and other Academic communities (TC3, Wells College, BOCES, etc). Currently, 9,000+ people are signed up for rideshare. Since Finger Lakes Rideshare uses the Zimride rideshare system, its website is

Craigslist has a rideshare board where anonymous users can post ride requests.

Last updated July 26, 2019