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Contact Way2Go for educational materials, presentations, workshops, or opportunities to collaborate. Check out the Transportfolio in our Way2Go Materials and learn about the other offerings we have for you below.

driving lesson; way2go

Driver Education

Need a refresher on safe driving or are you learning to drive? Look here for local driver education resources.

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A Way2Go staff member rides the bus with a senior citizen during a travel training workshop.

Travel Training Resources

Way2Go and other organizations in the community organize travel training workshops where you can learn how to use all your transportation options.

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Way2Go Educational Videos

Way2Go Videos can help you become familiar with the bus and other transportation options. Closed captioning available in English, Chinese and Spanish.

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Way2Go Materials

Click here for digital copies of our print materials or to order more for your group or organization.

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Last updated March 19, 2019