Parenting Apart

Learn about the impact of influences on you and you your child.

Parenting Styles Series

Parenting Styles Workshop Series© is devoted to issues that directly influence parenting and family life: parenting styles and discipline, child development, cultural influences, and environmental issues.

Through sharing information and discussion, the group looks at the many direct and indirect societal layers that have a significant affect on families. Participants reflect on their goals for children and evaluate both positive and negative influences in their lives as it relates to their parenting style. Parents improve upon their skills by having an understanding of and a way of thinking about the many influences that shape the lives of children, adults, and their families.

Workshop meets weekly for six 2-hour sessions. Several workshops are offered annually. Workshops are free and are held in locations throughout Tompkins County. Free childcare is often provided.

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Last updated August 3, 2015