Thriving crops in raised beds. Vegetable garden, Malleny - near to Balerno, Edinburgh, Great Britain
Image by Barbara Carr

May 10th: Veggie Gardening 201 on Zoom.


ZOOM CLASS: Veggie Gardening 201 - RESCHEDULED

  • Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

We have rescheduled this class for Tuesday, May 24th

Take your vegetable garden to the next level! Integrating succession planting, companion planting and interplanting to your garden will help you improve the resilience and beauty of your garden, stagger your harvest throughout the season, optimize your use of space. Learn more about planting in waves, how to use space on the ground and vertically, and what plants grow well together, all to increase your yield. Join us for this next level of gardening!

About the Instructor Jennie Cramer is an educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and Cornell Garden-Based Learning. She is an ecologist turned enthusiastic horticulture educator with 25 years of experience in organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, natural history and botanical education. She is especially fond of teaching students how to create a resilient garden ecosystem as a means to personal growth and community sovereignty

Class Recording: All Zoom classes are recorded so if you cannot make the live class, you can watch the video however only participants who have registered in advance for the class will have access to the video recording which is sent 48 hours later to registrants. Register and pay below.


$0-$40 sliding scale, pay what you can afford



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Last updated May 13, 2022