Nourish Tompkins - supporting local farms & food-insecure community members
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Nourish Tompkins - produce distributed = 10,000 lbs
Nourish Tompkins - promoting farmer viability
Nourish Tompkins Gola & URO - 150 meals weekly
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Nourish Tompkins supports family farms
Image by Liz Karabinakis
Nourish Tompkins invests in organic agriculture
Image by Liz Karabinakis

Nourish Tompkins

Nourish Tompkins is a cross-collaborative initiative started by Cornell Cooperative Extension in Tompkins County with members of the Tompkins COVID-19 Food Task Force to respond to the upsurge in food-insecurity during the pandemic. 

Nourish Tompkins is a hyper-localized variation on Nourish NY, the statewide initiative that allocated $25 million to New York's network of food banks to purchase and distribute surplus agricultural products from upstate NY farms to populations in need. The regional food bank serving Tompkins County (Food Bank of the Southern Tier) did not need produce, so they primarily used Nourish NY funds to purchase dairy.

In an effort to provide fruits and vegetables to food-insecure community members, and income to local produce farmers, Nourish Tompkins was created with support from Friendship Donations Network, private donors, Community Foundation of Tompkins County and a $5K grant from FEMA CARES awarded to CCE Tompkins. 

By working with over a dozen local farms and a handful of hunger relief partners, Nourish Tompkins has provided over 10,500 pounds of produce and over 1,500 healthy meals to the most vulnerable, food-insecure populations throughout the county.

To support Nourish Tompkins - and boost the viability of local farms while providing fresh produce and healthy meals to food-insecure community members - please send a check or DONATE ONLINE

Last updated February 8, 2022