Aurora triangle in summer
Image by Janine Willis

Aurora Triangle in Summer 2021

Aurora triangle summer 2021
Image by Janine Willis

Giant amaranth at Zelkova Triangle

Beautification flowers on Sign Triangle
Image by Janine Willis

Flowers bloom at Sign Triangle.

Hardy Hibiscus at Sign Triangle

Hardy hibiscus bloom next to the sidewalk at Sign Triangle.

planting zelkova
Image by Janine Willis

Volunteers help replant Zelkova Triangle in fall 2020

flowers at zelkova
Image by Janine Willis

Zelkova Triangle in summer 2021

E. State St. Triangles

At the east end of the Commons several roads intersect in an area known as the tuning fork, forming three triangles of land in the middle of the streets.

Aurora Triangle

Aurora St. Triangle is at the intersection of Aurora Street and East State Street. With the construction of the adjacent seven-story City Center, the Beautification Program has redesigned and replanted Aurora Triangle. The site now consists of annual and perennial plantings, including a number of native varieties. A succession of yellow and red tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinth bloom in the spring. Perennials are planted around the perimiter, including salvia, nepeta, iris, panicum (switchgrass), and little bluestem grass. Amsonia, helenium, and rudbeckia triloba surround a center area reserved for colorful annuals. Our annual display will change from year to year, but is typically a combination of canna, zinnias, petunias, and sweet potato vines that spill out over the curb. Self-seeded sunflowers pop up, along with giant purple amaranth and cleome.

Sign Triangle

The triangle of land bound by Green St. and Seneca Way is known locally as Sign Triangle due to the large number of traffic signs on posts it houses. The blooming here starts in April with red tulips and yellow daffodils. In the summer, self-seeding orange-blooming California poppies, red-blooming daylilies and Asiatic lilies, irises, and Russian sage surround the edges of the planting. Three 'Arctic Fire' redtwig dogwood shrubs are almost hidden in the center of the triangle. Hardy hibiscus bushes next to the sidewalk boast giant saucer flowers in pink and red in mid-late summer. A narrow strip between the sidewalk and E. State St. features a mix of annuals and self-seeded sunflowers.

Zelkova Triangle

Zelkova Triangle is the largest of the East State Street Triangles, and is bordered by East State Street, Seneca Street, and Seneca Way. This site has been plagued by construction over the past 2-3 years, and as a result the planting has undergone a rather large transformation. In spring, daffodils and tulips bloom throughout the site. 3 large Japanese zelkova trees create a dry and shady area under the canopy as the trees begin to leaf out. In the shaded areas, there is a mix of shade tolerant perennials, including pulmonaria, hellebores, carex, rue, and amsonia. In the sunny areas of the site is a mixed planting of perennials including german iris, asters, gaillardia, and switchgrass. Annuals are added each season for a pop of color with canna, zinnias, marigolds, and petunias. The strip next to the road is planted with American beautyberry shrubs, iris, daylilies, plus many other perennials to give a succession of blooms. Self-seeded sunflowers and California poppies add a cheerful look all summer.

Last updated December 30, 2021