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Food Access During COVID-19 Outbreak

Food Access & Planning 

Many community members are concerned about consistent access to food during this unique time. 

There is a great deal that you can do for your own household to feel secure for the near future and the long run. Community members have also put some systems in place to support each other during this period of uncertainty. 

Where to Seek Help Locally

Drive-thru Community Food Distribution by the Food Bank are temporarily on hold as they look for a new location (TC3 will be reopening for classes)

Our Food Resources Page has links to local pantries, free meal sites and other subsidized food options.

Pantry Food Delivery Requests are available through Tompkins County Action. 

Contact 2-1-1 at the Human Services Coalition. Operators there will help answer your questions and connect you to local food assistance agencies. This is the best way for someone without internet access to seek help, so please spread the word about this service to those who may benefit. 

Tompkins County COVID-19 Community Resource Website - Includes food pantry, school meals, take-out and delivery options along with information on childcare, housing, unemployment and other necessities.

Community Aid Tompkins (Facebook Group) - Let you neighbors know what you need and someone may offer to bring items to your doorstep. Sharing your needs may bring solace as well as new options from many talented and caring people. 

Tompkins Food Task Force Directory of Food Options - Use this list of options to identify the best resources for your household. 

Managing Your Home Kitchen

Food Planning During the Coronovirus Pandemic from the USDA (including a 2 week meal plan and shopping list)

Suggested Emergency Food Supplies from Ready.gov

Preparing for Social Distancing from Health.Harvard.edu

Tips to Reduce Food Waste from EPA.gov

Canning & Preserving Instructions & Recipes

Clean and Disinfect, from CDC.gov

Food Safety

COVID-19 Consumer Food Safety from the Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University This resource includes a FAQ, including the following:

How should we wash fresh produce?  (Posted 3/30/20)

With cold running water only. NEVER use soap or a bleach solution. Detergents and bleach solutions are not meant to be consumed or used on food, and washing your fresh produce in these solutions can make you sick.

USDA, Washing Food: Does It Promote Food Safety?

US FDA, Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Eating Healthy and Staying Active

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics COVID-19 Nutrition Resource Center

Simple Recipes to Cook at Home

Physical Activity Guide from Nutrition.gov

Contribute to Local Food Supplies

Food Gardening at Home

Grow Microgreens Indoors

Grow Sprouts Indoors

Local Nurseries sell edible starts and perennials 

Support Your Local Farms (some local farms are offering delivery of assorted produce and many are setting up drive-through farm stands)