Energy Efficiency Appointments

Energy Efficiency Appointments: Pilot Program in Ithaca

Cornell Cooperative Extension is offering free Energy Efficiency Appointments for residents of the City and Town of Ithaca (this is a pilot program—we will be expanding it to other areas of the county).

What is it: Energy Efficiency Appointments are one-on-one or group consultations in your home—whether you own or rent, live in a house or apartment—to show you how you can save money and make your home more comfortable. Our energy educator will sit down with you to learn about your biggest energy concerns, and help find solutions for you. We start with a hands-on demonstration of low-cost, do-it-yourself measures you can take, and then talk about where energy professionals can help take your home to the next level, including subsidies, grants, and loan programs to help pay for the work.

We will provide you with free teaching materials and all the information you need to get started, including showing you how to replace your lightbulbs for LEDs, how to install a door sweep or window plastic to cut down on drafts, and other DIY measures and helpful resources in our community to get you started on saving energy and making your house more comfortable.

Simply call or e-mail Gibrian Hagood, Energy Educator at CCETC, to make your appointment today: 607-272-2292 /

Last updated July 11, 2018