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cat tails in farm pond
Image by Sandy Repp

Find resources for building & maintaining your pond.

Learn about environmental regulations that affect you...

Master Forest Owners Woods Walk June 2014 Del Allen's

ways to manage your woods and other resources...

forest, Yates County NY

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Our staff works to engage with the community to solve and respond to key environmental challenges, reduce and make more equitable our collective use of the Earth's resources, and inspire respect for natural systems and our reliance on them.

screenshot from microplastics youtube video


Microplastics are so small they slip through water filtration systems and end up in our waterways. Learn more about them here.

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Harmful algal blooms, HABs, may make the water look bright green or like pea soup. From NYS DEC Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) Photo Gallery

Harmful Algal Blooms 3/23

Listen to presentations by panelists, then join the open discussion about factors that may promote harmful blue-green algal blooms (HABs) in Cayuga Lake. 3/23, 1:00-4:00.

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A handful of healthy worms coming out of coffee compost; vermicomposting

Worm Composting

Learn about "Vermicomposting," an indoor composting system using worms at this class on March 23rd. $10/household includes bin/worms; space is limited!

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solar farm; rows of solar panels on a hill side

Let's Talk Solar

Homeowners and renters can bring your questions on rooftop or community solar to our free monthly Q&A meetups! Next is Thursday, 3/21 @ 6pm.

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Radioactivity sign against a blue sky, for use on Radon education events

Radon Event

Attend a FREE 30-minute presentation on April 18 at 6pm and learn how to perform a home radon test. Then receive a FREE home radon test kit while supplies last.

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Banner image for Practical Earthkeeper

The Practical Earthkeeper

Learn about gardening workshops and events in our area, in The Practical Earthkeeper newsletter! Receive your own copy FREE by email, sign up here!

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Sharon Anderson
Environment Team Leader
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Last updated March 10, 2019