Visit our pages to learn about invasive pests (Asian Longhorn Beetle)...

and invasive plants (Garlic Mustard).

Find resources for building & maintaining your pond.
Image by Sandy Repp

Find resources for building & maintaining your pond.

Learn about environmental regulations that affect you...

ways to manage your woods and other resources...

ways to manage your woods and other resources...

and so much more!

and so much more!


Our staff works to engage with the community to solve and respond to key environmental challenges, reduce and make more equitable our collective use of the Earth's resources, and inspire respect for natural systems and our reliance on them.


Classes at Lifelong

Join us at Lifelong on 3/1 and 3/8 for a 2-part series on practical composting tips, and the science behind the practice. Contact Lifelong to sign up, see details here.

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Practical earthkeeper

The Practical Earthkeeper

Learn about gardening workshops and events in our area, in The Practical Earthkeeper newsletter! Receive your own copy FREE by email, sign up here!

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Tiger swallowtail butterfly

Attracting Pollinators!

This workshop on Thursday, March 16 will cover how you can provide plants that support pollinators and their larvae in your garden. Fee$; please call to sign up.

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Heating with Wood

When comparing heating fuels, wood has a lot of advantages. Learn about choosing, storing and safely burning firewood on our "Heating with Wood" pages.

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Asbestos sheets


Asbestos is a common yet toxic material. Learn how to identify it and protect your home.

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Car sharing

Find people to ride with

Learn some simple tips that can help you find people to ride with to work, school and beyond!

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Environment Team Leader
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Last updated February 21, 2017