How You Can Help Fight Hydrilla

Be part of the Solution!

Come and join us at the events programmed this summer and the volunteer opportunities that are now available.

Catching hydrilla early enough in its spread allows the Cayuga Inlet the potential for being hydrilla-free if combated efficiently and correctly but we need your help! Dispose of weeds properly, clean your boat and equipment, report hydrilla suspects, attend hydrilla events, stay updated on current hydrilla news, and spread the word are all ways you can play a major role in this fight against hydrilla.

Spread the Word NOT the Plant!

Hydrilla verticillata

Disposing of Water Weeds

Proper disposal of water weeds can limit the spreading of invasive hydrilla.

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Steamboat Landing at the Ithaca Farmers Market

Boaters & Marina Owners

Boaters and marina owners are a vital part of the fight against hydrilla.

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Last updated November 16, 2016