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Learn how to give your garden great bones. 3/11 6pm


Garden Planning, Step 3: Garden Design Principles

  • Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

It's time to design your garden, but where to start? Join designer Mila Fournier as she leads you through basic design principles that will help you make a successful plan that will bring you beauty for years to come. This class will not focus on individual plants (though no class here is complete without at least one list of favorites), but instead will focus on the geometries and repetition that are the fundamental tools all good designers use. We'll start with sizing and spacing of garden beds or areas, move on to hardscape and structures, then tackle placement of trees and shrubs to create the bones of your garden. We'll finish with placement of perennials, annuals, and any moveable elements.

This is an excellent follow-up to the first two classes in our Garden Design Series, however, each class is designed as a stand-alone class so participating in those classes is NOT REQUIRED to be part of this one. The class will be limited to 24 participants, so register now to save your spot!

Garden Planning, Step 1: Site Analysis on January 29th (register here)

Garden Planning, Step 2: Practical Landscape Design on February 12th (register here)

Please bring a map of your property, if you have one. If not a template will be provided.

Mila Fournier is a garden designer and educator with two decades of design experience that started with guerilla gardening in Brooklyn and has moved her through designing some of the most sophisticated gardens in NYC. Once in Ithaca, Mila has worked as an educator, designer, and horticultural consultant, including managing Ithaca Children's Garden and helping large developers create habitats to offset new construction.


Self Determined Sliding Scale ($10-30)

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