People shopping for plants at Ithaca Farmers' Market, wearing masks, 2020 Spring Plant Sale May 25th.

Shoppers at the 2019 Spring Plant Sale at IHS

Ithaca Farmer's Market entrance sign

2020 Plant Sale = Monday, May 25th, 9-2 at Ithaca Farmers' Market Pavilion.

red current berries
Image by Pixabay

2020 Plant Sale part 2, Monday, May 25th, 9-2 at Ithaca Farmers' Market Pavilion.

small tomato plants in pots for sale at the annual Ithaca NY plant sale
Image by Sandy Repp

Vendors will have LOTS of varieties of tomato starts!

Don't miss out on heirloom tomatoes this summer - get your starts on May 25!

Colorful lettuces and hardy kale vegetable starts at the Plantsmen Nursery
Image by The Plantsmen

Plenty of veggie starts will be offered, like this lettuce and kale from The Plantsmen.

rhubarb plants in pots from Ort Family Farm
Image by Ort Family Farm

Perennial rhubarb is a good addition to your food garden; these are from Ort Family Farm.

fruit trees growing at Mehrabyan Nursery, Ithaca NY
Image by Mehrabyan Nursery

Fruit trees from Mehrabyan Nursery will be for sale.

pots of mint plants for sale at the annual Ithaca plant sale
Image by Sandy Repp

Find a wide selection of herb plants for sale

900 pepper plants at Kingbird Farm
Image by Kingbird Farm

Some of the 900 pepper plants raised by Kingbird Farm.


2020 Spring Plant Sale

  • Monday, May 25, 2020, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM



@ Ithaca Farmers’ Market, 545 Third Street, Ithaca, New York

In consultation with the Tompkins County Health Department, we have designed this to be a social-distancing friendly Plant Sale. Vendor spaces will be spread out, and we will limit the number of attendees in the pavilion. 



We have reserved the 8:00-9:00AM hour to ensure the safety of vulnerable shoppers. If you or someone in your household would be protected by Matilda's Law, please contact Mila at to be added to the very limited Early-Bird shoppers list.


Many of the vendors below are offering pre-ordering to pick up at the Plant Sale. You can pick up a pre-order without a ticket to the Plant Sale. Click on individual vendors below to see if they are accepting pre-orders. 


  • All attendees and vendors must wear a face-covering or mask in compliance with the Governor's Executive Order.
  • Please arrive at the beginning of your timed entry. 
  • If you cannot secure childcare, but still wish to attend: babes in arms/carrier or strapped into a stroller do not need a ticket, but all walking children count as an occupant and will require a ticket.
  • When you arrive, join the appropriate entry line leading to the Pavilion and maintain a safe social distance of 6' in front of and behind yourself. No print-out necessary, your name will be on a list at the entrance.
  • Don't forget to bring your basket or wagon to transport your new plants
  • Please, only one shopper per household.

2020 Vendor List

The State of NY has restrictions on who can sell at our Plant Sale - limiting us to primarily edible plant sales. Please check back for your favorite vendors, the list is growing every day!  Vendors will attend both days, unless noted.

    • A.J. Teeter Farm, Ithaca NY - Vegetable and herb transplants. Cash or Venmo.
    • Blue Heron Farm, Lodi NY- Certified organic veggie transplants, herbs, annuals, native perennials. Cash, check, or credit card.
    • Cayuga Landscape, Ithaca NY - Annual bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, trees. Credit cards preferred, can accept cash and checks.
    • Der Rosenmeister, Ithaca NY - Specialty roses. Cash or check.
    • Graceful Gardens, Mecklenburg NY - Annuals, perennials, hanging baskets. Checks and credit cards.
    • Ithaca Organics, Ithaca, NY - Veggie starts. Cash or credit card.
    • Kingbird Farm, Berkshire NY- Certified Organic tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and tropicals. Cash, check, or credit card.
    • The Magic Garden, Interlaken NY - Annuals, perennials, herbs, vines, hanging baskets, tropical plants. will take preorders that can be picked up at the sale . Cash, check, or credit card.
    • Mehrabyan Nursery, Ithaca, NY - Fruit trees. Cash or check.
    • Muddy Fingers Farm, Hector, NY - Vegetable transplants. Cash, check, or credit card. Pre-order, pay online and pick up at the plant sale using
    • Of the Forest Farm, Trumansburg, NY, native trees, shrubs & berry bushes. Cash, check, credit card, or paypal.
    • Ort Family Farm, Bradford NY - Small fruiting plants, heirloom vegetable transplants, herbs. Cash or Credit Cards.
    • Queen of the Meadow, Medicinal and culinary herbs. Cash and Venmo.
    • RC's Plants and Produce, Brooktondale, NY - vegetable and herb plants. Cash, check, or credit card.
    • Stoney Creek Nursery, Genoa NY - Annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable transplants, tree seedlings. Cash or credit cards.
    • Under the Tree, Ithaca, NY - vegetable and herb plant starts and apple trees. We have apple trees available for preorder. Cash and credit cards.

      Not Participating On Monday, May 25th

      The following vendors and groups will not be able to participate in the Plant Sale this year, but they are still part of the Plant Sale Family. Please check their websites, some of them still offer programming or have online ordering available. 

        • Baker's Acres, Lansing NY - Veggie transplants, bedding plants, herbs, perennials
        • Bill's Concrete Creations
        • Chickadee Farm, Freeville NY - Wildflowers
        • Centurion Farm, Lodi NY - Vegetable and culinary/medicinal herb transplants; heirloom bean seeds. May 17th Only.
        • Coldwater Pond Nursery, Phelps NY - Ornamental trees and shrubs. Safe shopping by appointment at the nursery or online sales available.
        • DeWitt Community Based Class - We have an abundance of veggies-tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers, summer and winter squashes and the like-some flowers but mostly edible veggies. Contact to order plant starts and support this school program.
        • Edible Acres, Ithaca, NY - Perennial food-bearing plants & inoculated mushroom logs. Has some stock available for local pick-up
        • Finger Lakes Bonsai Society - community of encouragement and enthusiasm for Bonsai artists, whether new or experienced, with or without trees
        • Finger Lakes Native Plant Society - plants native to the Finger Lakes region , locally propagated, mostly from local seed sources.
        • Flutterby Plantarium, Ithaca NY - Butterfly, pollinator and hummingbird perennials and herbs, offers online reservation and delivery
        • Food Forest Farm. 
        • Fruition Seeds, Naples NY - Vegetable transplants and seeds
        • GreenTree Garden Supply, Ithaca NY - Locally blended potting soil and amendments
        • Horse Head Woodworks, Gillett NY - Wooden garden trellises
        • Iron Kettle Farm, Candor NY - Veggie and flower transplants, hanging baskets
        • Ithaca Children's Garden
        • Ithaca High School Little Red Farm Project, veggie seedlings
        • Kay's Rare Cacti and Succulents - cacti and succulent houseplants
        • Littleflowers Farm, Newfield NY - Herb plants, culinary and ornamental. 
        • Master Composters of Tompkins County
        • Master Gardeners of Tompkins County
        • Shelterbelt Farm, Brooktondale, NY purple varieties of vegetables and flowers, plus succulents in upcycled cups and mugs. May 17th only.
        • Sommarstuga Gardens, Trumansburg NY - Annuals, perennials, vegetable transplants
        • The Plantsmen Nursery, Groton NY - Native nursery-propagated perennials, trees and shrubs
        • Twisted Tree Farm, Spencer NY - Fruit & nut trees, berry bushes & perennials
        • West Haven Farm, Ithaca NY - vegetable, herb, and flower starts. Please see website if you would like to pre-order for pick up at the Plant Sale. May 17th only.


          FREE but timed entry ticket is required!

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