permaculture garden
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Permaculture garden


ZOOM CLASS: Planning Your Home Food Forest

  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

A food forest is a perennial multi-layered edible ecosystem. It is a great way to build habitat, enhance your soil, store carbon, and get food all at once. Come learn how to plan your own food forest including: how to choose a site, evaluating and preparing your soil, species and variety selection, how to create a guild, planting, and maintenance.

About the Instructor: Jennie Cramer is an educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and Cornell Garden-Based Learning. She is an ecologist turned enthusiastic horticulture educator with 25 years of experience in organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, natural history and botanical education. She is especially fond of teaching students how to create a resilient garden ecosystem as a means to personal growth and community sovereignty.

Class Recording: All classes are recorded so if you cannot make the live class, you can watch the video however only participants who have registered in advance for the class will have access to the video recording which is sent 48 hours later to registrants. Register and pay below.

We are committed to making all the Zoom classes in our Horticulture Program financially accessible, so have moved to a pay-what-you-can model. Our Zoom classes are valued at $20. If you can afford to pay $20 or more, you are helping make these classes available to folks who cannot afford the full price. All registrants, regardless of payment level, will receive a video recording of the class. Because of limited physical space in our in-person classes, we cannot offer unlimited free spaces, but we do have a few scholarship spots available. Simply reach out to us at the contact info below to claim one of those spots.


$0-$40/person, self determined sliding scale, pay what you can afford



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