Parenting educators in a training.

Parenting educators in a training.

Professional Training

Professional Development for Family Workers

Working with families requires special skills and providing training to professionals who work in partnership with families is crucial. CCE Tompkins offers the following professional development and credentialing programs for frontline family workers and professionals to learn and practice skills of strength-based family support with families.

Coalition for Families focuses on creatingfamily-centered services, enhancing collaboration between agencies, and exploring policy issues. Past topics have included: Parent Information Resource Center ; Health Insurance/Health Care for Families; Helping Children Exposed to Batterers; Strategies For Professionals Working With Families; Social Inequality: Concentrating on Public Education; Affordable Housing in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Family Development Credential (FDC) / Empowerment Skills for Family Workers is an integrated learning experience involving classroom and field service components. FDC can be an alternative to a college degree or a supplement to formal education in social work, human development and related fields. The curriculum is designed by Cornell University, endorsed by New York State, and nationally recognized. Successful completion results in New York State Family Development Credential.

PS: It Works! / Parenting Skills Facilitator Training is a 2-day communication skills training designed for parenting educators and others who work with parents/caregivers/children/families and who wish to gain experience with the Parenting Skills Workshop Series©. The program model is easily replicable, inexpensive, and builds upon partnerships among agencies.


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Last updated June 24, 2016