Namaste Friends 4-H Club
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Namaste Friends 4-H Club

4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs provide a wide variety of opportunities for young people aged 5-to-19. More than 300 youth are enrolled in our 4-H Club program, in groups that are as varied as your imagination. Members of 4-H clubs are learning about environmental issues, veterinary medicine, science, engineering and technology (SET), sewing skills, healthy lifestyles, and having fun in the process!

If youth have a hobby or interest that they would like to explore, and enjoy being with friends, join a 4-H club where members learn something new while having fun, improving communication and leadership skills, and serving their community. If there isn't already a 4-H club that meets your needs, our 4-H staff can help a parent or adult volunteer organize and support a club.

Why 4-H Clubs?

Tompkins County 4-H Club Opportunities:

4-H Baking Club: Love to bake? Interested in learning new baking skills and techniques or just getting together with others to share recipes and baking experiences? The 4-H baking club is looking for members between the ages of 5 – 12 years of age to join the fun. Meetings will be held twice a month at the Cooperative Extension Education Center in Ithaca. The first meeting will be held on January 27, from 10-12.  Parents are expected to help supervise baking activities, and help with club events. In addition to baking different types of cookies, cakes, breads, muffins and more, youth will learn safety practices in the kitchen, proper use and identification of tools, the “science” behind baking and what role the different ingredients have in a recipe and there will be an opportunity for youth to share and make family favorite recipes. Youth will build a collection of recipes, learn to prepare baked goods for evaluation at the 4-H Youth and NYS Fairs and to participate in the 2018 4-H Bake Off! 4-H members will select a name for this club at the first meeting. Contact Lynn, 745-8556, or Natalie, 423-6357, for more information.

4-H Jr. Tailwaggers: This club is for youth interested in training dogs and community service. Members have the opportunity to engage in the 4-H Youth Fair as well as the New York State Fair. The club also sponsors the Chili Cook-off every year at the 4-H Youth Fair. Currently there are over 30 members, aged 8 to 18. Meetings are held once a week either at the Cornell Livestock Pavilion or 4-H Acres. If interested in learning more about this club, contact Cindy Wagner at

Dryden Dragonflies: Started in 2010, this club is active in a variety of project areas, with an emphasis on community service. Meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings at Covenant Love Church. Members range in age from 14-17 years and past projects have included, baking, snowshoes, rocketry, cooking, crafts, public presentations and photography. If interested in learning more about this club, contact Julie Young at

F.L.O.W. (Future Leaders of the World): This enthusiastic, Family & Consumer Science-oriented club meets on school break days and spends their all-day meetings doing anything from woodworking, sewing, and photography to public speaking, community service, and trip planning. Formed in 2013, this club is full of new energy. The club cooks their own meals and snacks when meetings fall over mealtime, and are ready to think outside the box during planning meetings. Those interested in this club should contact Club Leader Beth Wilcox at 533-4707. There is no additional cost to join this club.

Fur n' Feathers: The heart of our club is community service and youth leadership. Founded in the 1970's, our members participate in projects and meetings that promote larger service to our local and global communities as well as projects that spark youth interest. Past meetings have included hosting an apple pie bee to benefit Loaves and Fishes, making fleece hats for refugee families, participating in the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack, maintaining the trails and gardens at 4-H Acres, and sponsoring the ice-cream social at the annual 4-H Tompkins County Youth Fair. Additional projects have included rocketry, sewing, making Ukrainian eggs, nutrition and wellness and sculpting bonsai trees. Fur n’ Feathers is active in the 4-H Youth Fair, 4-H Duck Race, public presentations and the New York State Fair. Currently there are 12 members aged 8-17. Meetings are held the second Friday of each month from 4-6pm  at CCETC or 4-H Acres with additional meetings for projects. Parental participation is encouraged Please contact Shanna Jesch at or Bec Groves-Haley at for more information.

Keynote Kids: We are all about fun and engaging activities to help youth think critically about the qualities of excellent speakers/presentations and to practice their own skills. In January and February we focus on preparing presentations to be given at the 4-H Public Presentations Events in March. Throughout the rest of the year, our goal will be to have fun while developing strong public speaking skills. If you would like to join our club please contact Ami or 607-319-9664. **We are sorry but our club is fully enrolled for this year**

Little Bunny Foo Foos: This club is for youth who are interested in learning about rabbit health and care, as well as getting involved in community events. The club meets once a month in the Cornell Cooperative Extension Education Center to learn about different rabbit topics, play games, make posters and sometimes rabbits will be brought to the meeting. If interested in learning more about  rabbits,  haveing fun, devloping friendships and giving back tot he community contact Gail Kaiser (607)564-9078, NOTE: This club is open to youth 8 years old and up.

Milk Duds and Jolly Ranchers: Join other youth 5 years of age and older for an on-the-farm experience! Members will tour a working farms, learn how to care for newborn calves and lambs, chart the health of an identified animal, gain an appreciation for agriculture, learn about dairy products and wool, current events in the dairy and sheep industry and more! Special meetings for Cloverbuds too! Opportunity for youth to lease a calf or lamb for show at the 4-H Youth Fair. Contact Stephanie Gumaer, for more information.

Namaste Friends: is a general interest club with current members between the ages of 5 and 15 years old. They cover a variety a topic areas at general monthly meetings and encourage older members to pursue topics that interest them in-depth either working independently, through supplemental small group meetings, or with other members and clubs in the county. The club meets at the Namaste Montessori Elementary School in Jacksonville. Project areas they have explored include Plant Sciences, Bats, Sewing, Electricity, Fishing, Public Presentations, Pottery, Embryology, Goats, Bike Safety, Native Birds, Pond Life, and more. The group studies "Entrepreneurship" and run their own micro businesses. Namaste Friends is currently looking for adults interested in becoming special project leaders or general co-leaders. We are sorry, but this club is fully enrolled this year. Please contact Bridgid Beames, for more information.

Newfield Renegades 4-H Club (Horse): Mission Statement: To engage youth, in quality learning opportunities that enable them to shape and reach their full potential as active citizens in a global community.

• Learn new skills, gain knowledge, and develop positive attitudes.

• Develop and use their creative talents.

• Learn to make intelligent decisions and to solve problems.

• Develop a feeling of self-worth, while respecting the rights and privileges of others.

The Poultry Club: The 4-H Poultry Club welcomes youth of all ages; we currently have members ranging from age 4 to 13. You do not need to own poultry to be a member- just a passion to learn about them in a fun group! The club currently meets the second Sunday, from 4 – 5 p.m. at 4-H Acres. At our monthly meetings (which last about an hour), we aim to learn about many types of poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys, etc.), with an emphasis on chickens. Meeting topics include breeds and body parts, poultry diseases/how to do a health inspection, embryology, dissections, how to show a bird at the fair, and a non-poultry meeting learning about the birds in the Cornell Raptor program! In addition to learning about poultry, we want the members to develop life skills such as responsibility, respect, and team work. Contact Kasey at 707-495-8778 or for more information. Kasey is a PhD student in animal science at Cornell, and was a 4-H’er in 4-H in California for 9 years in the poultry, swine, horse, and rabbit projects.

The River Riders 4-H club is an energetic group of youth, 8 years and older who love learning about horses. You do not need to own a horse to belong to the club. Mounted activities will be periodically available, but we do not offer riding lessons. Horsemanship skills and techniques are central to our program. We will prepare youth to participate in educational events such as 4-H Horse Quiz bowl and Hippology. Our goal is to develop leadership and citizenship skills in our members, and have them plan all aspects of one horse show each year. River Riders is fully enrolled for 2018.

NOTE: Contact clubs for membership fees information.

If you would like to provide positive opportunities to youth in your area, consider becoming a new club leader in your community. 4-H staff provides orientation, on-going training, access to resources and help you build connections to other leaders. Contact Brenda Carpenter,, or (607) 272-2292.


Brenda T. Carpenter
Extension Community Educator, 4-H Youth Development
(607) 272-2292 ext. 142

Last updated October 2, 2018