Hydrilla Found in the Croton River

Hydrilla was found in the Croton River, a tributary of the Hudson River, in October of 2013.  NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC)  organized a public meeting in December 2015 to share information on when hydrilla was found, where it is located, the challenges of management and the anticipated consequences of not managing hydrilla in the Croton River.   2014 Delineation of Hydrilla and Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) in the Croton River System

In 2016, NYSDEC had developed an herbicide management response to address the infestation in the Croton River. Due to a harmful algae bloom (HAB) in the reservoir above Croton River, the planned herbicide treatment was postponed and therefore did not occur as planned in 2016. NYSDEC and stakeholders will use the winter of 2016 to plan management and survey strategies for implementation during the 2017 season.

Below are PDF presentations from the December 2015 public meeting. Click on the image to view each set of presentation slides

. hydrilla overview PDF by Netherland  Presentation of Hydrilla Infestation in the Croton Watershed Some of the Less Discussed Negative Impacts of Hydrilla Presentation

hydrilla control option for Croton by Kisbaugh

Cayuga Lake Watershed Project Presentation

For more information on the Croton-on-Hudson infestation,
contact  NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

Last updated August 14, 2018