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What's seasonal on the school menu this month?

Learning to make healthy choices.

A group of children have lunch in the school cafeteria.
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Nutritious, seasonal meals are offered through Farm to School.

Harvest of the Month

Farm to Schoo Harvest of the Month recipes are served by Tompkins County Child Nutrition departments and feature seasonally abundant local produce! Find out when your school will serve these dishes by checking out their menu (links to the left). If you're interested in making these at home, see our recipes below!

Check out our educational resources and recipes for Fall 2020 Farm to School:

(Sept) Tomatoes HERE

(Sept) Corn HERE

(Oct) Bell Peppers HERE

(Oct) Swiss Chard HERE

(Nov) Broccoli & Cauliflower HERE

(Dec) Winter Squash HERE

(Jan) Potatoes HERE

(Feb) Root Vegetables HERE

(March) Cabbage HERE

(April) Maple HERE

(April) Grains HERE

(May) Spinach HERE

(June) Berries HERE


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