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What's seasonal on the school menu this month?

Learning to make healthy choices.

A group of children have lunch in the school cafeteria.
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Nutritious, seasonal meals are offered through Farm to School.

Harvest of the Month

Every week, our Farm to School program brings fresh local farm food to children in Tompkins County. Below, you'll see a list of lunch dishes, sides and snacks provided so far this year.  If you're interested in making these at home, attend one of our Harvest of the Month cooking classes. 

January 2020

Date Recipe Dish Featured Local Produce
6-Jan Roasted Potatoes Side Potatoes
27-Jan Sesame Cabbage Salad Side Salad Red & Green Cabbage, Carrots
27-Jan Apples Fresh Fruit Apples

December 2019  

Date Recipe Dish Featured Local Produce
2-Dec Roasted Roots Side Carrots, Parsnips
16-Dec Pickled Beets Side Salad Carrots, Beets
16-Dec Pears Fresh Fruit Pears

November 2019

Date Recipe Dish Featured Local Produce
4-Nov Roasted Cauliflower Side Cauliflower
18-Nov Coltivare Kale Salad Side Salad Kale, Apples
18-Nov Pears Fresh Fruit Pears

October 2019

Date Recipe Dish Featured Local Produce
7-Oct Roasted Delicata Squash Side Delicata squash
21-Oct Harvest Soup Soup Butternut Squash, Onions, Celery, Carrots
21-Oct Grapes Fresh Fruit Grapes

September 2019

Date Recipe Dish Featured Local Produce
9-Sep Tomato and Cucumber Salad Side Salad Tomatoes, Cucumbers
23-Sep Ratatouille Side or Main Eggplant, Summer Squash, Green Bell Pepper, Onions
23-Sep Plums and Peaches Fresh Fruit Plums, Peaches


Chloe Boutelle
Farm to School Coordinator
(607) 272-2292 ext. 152

Last updated January 14, 2020