Rural Beautification Grant, Planters on Main Street, Trumansburg
Image by Chrys Gardener

Planters on Trumansburg's Main Street

Rural Beautification Grant, Groton Library Plantings
Image by Chrys Gardener

Plantings at Groton Public Library

Rural Beautification Grant, Town of Enfield Welcome Sign
Image by Chrys Gardener

Welcome sign and plantings, Enfield

Rural Beautification Grant, Newfield park
Image by Chrys Gardener

Volunteers planting at the Mill Park, Newfield

Rural Beautification Grant, Dryden Monarch Garden
Image by Chrys Gardener

Monarch butterfly garden in Dryden

Rural Beautification Grant, Forest Home Pocket Park
Image by Chrys Gardener

Pocket park in Forest Home, Ithaca

Rural Beautification Grant, Trumansburg Town Hall
Image by Chrys Gardener

Plantings at Trumansburg village offices

Rural Beautification Grant, Jacksonville Bus Shelter
Image by Chrys Gardener

Plantings at bus shelter in Jacksonville

Rural Grants

The Tompkins County Community Beautification Program provides grants to municipalities in Tompkins County outside of the City of Ithaca. These grants are funded by the Tompkins County Tourism Program, and can be used to beautify areas in the county where tourists may go: main roads, public buildings, parks, etc. The money can be used for landscaping, planters, signage, murals, and possibly other uses that could be considered beautification.

In order to receive a grant, the applicant must get approval from the Tompkins County Community Beautification Coordinator and from the Town Supervisor or Mayor of their municipality. The municipality will provide the money for the project and will be reimbursed by the Community Beautification Program when the project is finished. The money can be used to buy supplies and to hire people to do some or all of the project. The money cannot be used to pay municipal personnel already on the payroll.

Another aspect of these grants is that they are matching grants. The match can be in the form of money, supplies, and/or labor. Volunteer labor is most commonly used for the match and is currently valued at the 2019 rate of $25.43/hour. This means, for example, a $1,500 grant only needs 59 volunteer hours for the match.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To find out more about these grants, contact us before starting work on the project. The grant guidelines can be downloaded from the link in the left sidebar.

Reports for reimbursement are due Nov. 30 each year.

Last updated March 5, 2020