Effort Certification

This page contains information and download links for the documentation of how our time is used and applied to our various funding sources. This documentation, called Effort Certification, is a necessary process that is completed each pay period by each staff person as a part of the CCE Annual Compliance Review.

Effort Certification forms are due via email to our Finance Department 5 days after the time period ends (so biweekly on Mondays for non-exempt staff and monthly on the 5 th for exempt staff). Your form should be sent as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF with the signature fields in the spreadsheet left blank. Email the form to Finance with your supervisor in copy. Finance staff will then request signatures from you and your supervisor through Adobe Sign (process and timeline pending). 

For help or to answer questions, please contact your supervisor.

Mandatory Documentation

Please save the forms linked below that correspond to your employment type, and complete the time reporting for hours worked under all relevant grants using the "salary split" info provided by the Finance Department and your Workday data. Full how-to instructions can be found in the first link.

Instructions - see below on how to correctly submit your form.

Informational Video (1 hour)

2022 Forms

We expect to be using a new HR system to capture all of this, beginning early 2022. Since the timeline for that is currently uncertain, here are forms for early 2022 to be used until we transition to our new system. Stay tuned for more details on that.

2022 Jan-Feb Non-Exempt Employee Form

2022 Mar-Apr Non-Exempt Employee Form

2022 May-June Non-Exempt Employee Form


2022 Jan-Feb Exempt Employee Form

2022 Mar-Apr Exempt Employee Form

2022 May-June Exempt Employee Form

Submission Instructions

  1. Send the effort cert to the tompkins-expenses@cornell.edu.
  2. In the subject line of the email, be sure to type “Effort Cert for Fred Flinstone
  3. Be sure that you are only sending the file as an excel file, other formats will not be accepted.
  4. Please save the effort cert in the following manner:
    First name last name NetID employee number Effort Cert for mmdd. 
    For example “Fred Flinstone ff22 #1234567 Effort Cert for 3.17
    The number at the end is the ending day and month of the time period you are submitting for.

Last updated May 27, 2022