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Trainings and Onboarding

This page contains general information and links for staff at CCETC. See also links on the  IT, Maha and Tech page 

Mandatory Trainings

All CCETC employees (casual, part-time, and full-time) must complete 2021 Mandatory Training requirements by December 31, 2021, even if you have completed them in previous years. 

Please use the Mandatory Training Attestation Form to upload your training certificates and attest that you have completed trainings. Mandatory trainings are listed below; full instructions on how to find them can be found in the form.

The three trainings (Sexual Harassment Prevention, Civil Rights, and Preventing Workplace Violence) take a combined total of approximately 1.5 hours:

  • Preventing and Handling Workplace Violence is through TotalCare EAP.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention & Civil Rights courses are through and require two-step log-in. Look for the "ENROLL" button to start the course. 


These courses are required for all CCE employees (regular, temp, part time, full time and/or casual) unless the employee has taken another CCE Admin approved (such as sessions hosted by the SBN HR Lead/HR Manager or the Extension Admin HR team).

Onboarding: New Staff Links

Activating your Cornell Net ID

Activating Two-Step Authentication

IT or Facilities service request. Please specify which in the subject line. Note: this website is only accessible via our office network or Cornell VPN).  You can also submit a request via email.

Last updated April 23, 2022