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Covid-19 Procedures

Daily Covid Screening Questionnaire for Staff & Volunteers

Staff: Complete this online survey every day you go to the office. The first day you come to the office, sign the last page of the Reopening Safety Plan and leave the hard copy with Kathy M. or put it in the mail slot or in the HR lock if she is not present. Completed volunteer surveys can be handled the same way.

Volunteers: The first day you are volunteering please read the CCETC Reopening Safety Plan and sign the Assumption of Risk document and give it to the staff person you are working room. Each day you are volunteering at CCETC or with a CCETC staff person, please do one of the following: 1) Print, complete and bring to CCETC this survey 2) Find a printed copy of the survey in the vestibule of our Willow Ave Education Center and complete it.

The staff person you are working with will let you know what to do with the completed paper survey.

Staff and volunteers are asked to wash their hands and clean any electronic equipment when they arrive at the office. Cleaning stations are set up inside both building entrances at the Education Center.

CCE Covid-19 Resource Page

Extensive resources and organizational information for all staff!

Employee rights under the...

NYS Reopening Safety Plan for CCE-Tompkins

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Contact by phone: 1-800-252-4555
  • Access online at Note that you will need to register to create a profile. Use "Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County" as the organization name. 

Last updated September 13, 2021