cover crops in field at Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg NY
Image by Graham Savio

Cover Crops at Remembrance Farm

Belties / cattle grazing at Grace Wyly Farm
Image by Brendan Wyly

Belties at Grace Wyly Farm

Beneficial plants and a High Tunnel at Stick & Stone Farm
Image by Graham Savio

Beneficial plants and a high tunnel at Stick & Stone Farm

Sustainable Agriculture

CCE Tompkins Agriculture staff have been researching farming practices that have a positive environmental benefit. We know farmers are taking steps to save energy, improve soil health, reduce nutrient runoff impacting the lake, plant cover crops, and adopt other practices that mitigate climate change. 

Through funding from the Park Foundation, we undertook a process of documenting what is happening on our farms.  We surveyed farmers about practices and wrote case studies/success stories to share with all farmers. As a result, CCETC can be more proactive in helping farmers secure funding to make positive changes and ultimately increase the numbers of farmers taking action to reduce environmental impacts and mitigate climate change.

Resources for Farmers:

Ag Resources in Tompkins County. This document contains links to resources for farmers to learn more about sustainable agricultural practices.

Ag Funding Resources in Tompkins County. This document contains links to funding resources for farmers who need financial help to institute sustainable farming practices.

Case Studies:

We visited with 8 Tompkins County Farms in 2020, ranging in size from 3 acres to over 5,000 acres, to understand the kinds of sustainable practices our farmers employ. 

Buck Farm - Hay and Grain Crops

Carey Farm - Dairy

Grace Wyly Farm - Beef

Hemlock Grove Farm - Apples

Remembrance Farm - Mixed Vegetables & Livestock

Shelterbelt Farm - Mixed Vegetables & Livestock, Specialty Crops

Stick & Stone Farm - Mixed Vegetables

Walnut Ridge Farm - Dairy

Last updated January 17, 2021