Work together to grow a community garden!

Community Gardens

If you would like to start a garden this spring, but don't have available land, consider renting a plot in one of the following community gardens in Tompkins County.


City of Ithaca Floral Avenue Community Garden

Register: Questions about plot registrations can be directed to

Plot size: 10' x 10' or 15' x 15'
Garden location: Floral Avenue (Rt 13A), next to the inlet. 
Fees: $15 for 10' x 10';  $25 for 15' x 15'; water, compost, mulch and tools available.

Project Growing Hope Ithaca Community Garden

Register: To join Project Growing Hope and apply for a garden plot, please fill out this simple online form, or send your name, address, and phone number to Project Growing Hope, PO Box 606, Ithaca, NY 14851. You will be placed on the New Gardener waiting list and we will send you a registration form if plots are available. New Gardeners are limited to one plot at registration.
Plot size: 15' x 15', up to 280 square feet
Garden location: Rt. 13 at Third Street, in Carpenter Park - DOWNTOWN
Fees: Membership and plot fee is $40 per year ($15 member fee and $25 plot use fee for water, tools, manure, etc.). Scholarships are available for those unable to afford the full fee.
Work requirement: 4 hour minimum work commitment per year (or pay $15 per hour not worked) to help maintain the Gardens, and gardeners are also expected to participate.


Town of Ithaca Community Garden - West Hill

Register: Call Town of Ithaca Clerk at 273-1721 for an application or go to the office at 215 N. Tioga St.
Plot size: 10' x 10' or 20' x 20' – 80 plots available
Garden location: Rt 79, West Hill, turn into Linderman Creek apartment complex and drive north and west up the hill at the back of the apartment complex
Fees: $20; water, compost, mulch and tools are available
Other info: No dogs allowed in garden

Cornell Community Garden East Hill

Plot Size: 20' x 25'
Garden location: Freese Rd. between Hanshaw and Dryden, near Cornell Dyce Honey Bee Lab
Fees: $30 per plot; compost and water are included


Dryden Community Garden Near Dryden Town Hall

Register: For an application contact Christine Nash at 607-793-6392 (cell phone) or PO Box 197, Dryden NY 13053.  You also may find an application at the Dryden Café at the Corner of Routes 13 (Main St.) and 38.

Plot size: 10' x 10', gardeners may reserve multiple plots
Garden location: behind the Town of Dryden Town Hall, 93 E. Main St. Dryden. Park in the Town lot, walk into the field to west from the old barn
Fees: $10 per plot annually


East Shore Community Garden / Gardens of Grace

Register: For an application contact Denise Moore, 510 Conlon Rd. Lansing, NY 14882, 607-533-4229 or email:

Plot size: Individual plots are 10' X 15', and there is a community section where sweet corn, summer and fall squash, cucumbers, flowers and herbs are grown. There is water available and the garden is fenced. Double plots are available as well. There is also opportunity for gardeners to share their excess produce with the Lansing community with a free produce cart at the end of the driveway during harvest season.

Common Field, 320 Peruville Rd. Lansing

Register: For information contact Chris Muka, 607-533-3553

Plot size: Land available for gardening. Plot sizes are flexible depending on what you need. No running water, but pond and stream nearby. Bring your own tools, etc.


Starting/Maintaining a Community Garden - An excellent website on starting new community gardens from the University of New Hampshire's Cooperative Extension


Jennie Cramer
Horticulture Program Manager
(607) 272-2292 ext 146

Last updated January 29, 2021