Lansing Craft Fair at the Gray Barn; Rural Youth Services

Holiday Craft Fair, Lansing Rural Youth Services

Legos at Lansing RYS program

Legos at Lansing Rural Youth Services

Holiday craft fair image from Lansing Rural Youth Services

Holiday Crafts, Lansing Rural Youth Services

Lansing (Town)

Lansing Youth Services offers year-round programs for middle school aged youth and a youth employment program for Lansing teens.  

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Exciting opportunity for Lansing Youth

Please note that all programs will meet at the Middle School Main Entrance at 2:33pm and then walk to All Saints Church for program starting at 2:40pm. Families attending from home can drop off at the church at 2:40pm. Programs are held in their large Banquet Room. Pick up is at 5:15pm outside the doors to the Banquet Room.

Outdoor Adventure

Tuesdays, Mar. 2 - Apr. 27

Embark on an adventure! Come enjoy nature as we learn winter survival skills, play games, build fires, build snow shelters and learn to plan for winter weather. Be ready for weekly challenges on navigation, fire making technique and natural arts and crafts. Please come ready to be outdoors with sturdy boots and warm winter gear.

Art & Soul

Wednesdays, Mar. 3 — Apr. 28

Express your creative side in this arts, crafts, and music program! Students will be able to complete self-guided free choice projects in addition to whole group organized crafts. Bring your creative mind and songs you would like to listen to while crafting!

Mad Science

Thursdays, Mar. 4 — Apr. 29

Join us for a variety of science experiments as we experiment with baking soda, vinegar, bubbles, edible creations, examine geodes and even test your duct tape entrepreneurial skills! Bring your imagination and clothes that can get a little messy!

Fun Fixin' Fridays

Fridays, Mar. 5 — Apr. 30

This program is all about dreaming, passion, and planning. Students will help plan each week’s activities and projects. Some possibilities include DIY projects, science days, craft days, movie days, music days, woodworking, or whatever is of interest of the group and available supplies.

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Last updated February 22, 2021