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Outdoor skills, Trumansburg/Ulysses Rural Youth Services Program

Earth Day cleanup group, Trumansburg Rural Youth Services

Youth participants in the Earth Day Cleanup project

Trumansburg & Ulysses

The Village of Trumansburg and Town of Ulysses offer programs for middle school and high school aged youth, after school and in the summers.

T/Burg Ulysses Youth Employee Program - provides first time employment opportunities for youth during summer months.

Program Opportunities

Programs are open to youth entering grades 5-8, and follow CDC and NYS Covid-19 guidelines.

National Forest Explorers

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
January 19 - March 10, 3:00-5:00pm
Meets just past (west of) the intersection of Potomac and Searsburg Rd.

Join Ethan and a hearty crew as we explore Finger Lakes National Forest throughout the wintriest months! Learn about tracking, shelter building, fire safety/building, and more! Please note: Program will be held outside for multiple hours often in cold, windy, wintry weather. Participants MUST be dressed appropriately including hats, gloves, coats, snowpants (when wet/snowy), and proper footwear (warm boots). Children will not be allowed to participate if not fully prepared.

Trivia Quest

January 21 - February 1
Virtual, zoom link will be provided.

We're back! Join peers online for weekly topical Kahoots and other trivia-type games. Topics will be fun and informative and give students a chance to learn while having a great time with their peers. Students will also have a chance to make their own trivia games to share with the group!

Now We're Cooking 

January 22 - March 12
Virtual, zoom link will be provided.

New year, new menu! If your child hasn't tried this program I highly recommend you give it a shot because it's a blast. Join Ethan from the comfort of your own kitchen as we cook and bake delicious foods together. Each week the group will cook or bake together over Zoom. Ingredients for each program will be emailed to parents weekly. Parents can choose to purchase these themselves or pick already purchased supplies up from the Town Hall, 10 Elm Street; or have Ethan drop them off at your house. During program participants will learn kitchen skills and safety, cooking tips and tricks, new recipes, and have lots of fun.

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Last updated January 14, 2021