Performance Reviews

2022 Deadlines

All staff members must receive a performance review, and HR must receive performance review forms, by March 31, 2022. 

Performance Review Templates

These templates are also available on the O: drive here: 

"O:\Administration & Operations\Human Resources\Supervisor Resources\Performance Review Dialogues\2022 Performance Review Templates"

How to Carry Out a Performance Review

  • Slides coming soon

How to Submit Performance Reviews to HR

This year we will be accepting performance reviews 100% digitally. 

Where to submit files

Please submit UNSIGNED reviews to HR using the Box link here (requires Cornell NetID sign-in):

Please label your uploaded files

Please make sure to label files with date and name as in the examples below:

  • YEAR.MO.DAY Firstname Lastname FileDescription
  • 2022.01.31 Jane Doe Performance Review
  • 2022.02.15 John Doe Self-Evaluation

What about signatures?

Please submit your forms unsigned. HR will send back the forms to you for signature via Adobe Sign. Please keep an eye on your email inbox and sign promptly when you receive them.

Any questions?

Please email the HR Team (email below).


Last updated April 23, 2022