Produce at Greenstar Market in Ithaca, NY (Cornell University Photography)
Image by Lindsay France

turnips & leeks

Winter CSAs

The weather has gotten cooler but many farms and kitchens still offer locally grown and prepared products. You can get a share of this delicious cool-weather bounty by signing up for a local Winter CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a cooperative relationship between a farmer and consumers; consumers commit to buying a crop "share" and growers commit to growing fresh, quality produce during the growing season.

  • CSA benefits consumers by providing fresh, quality produce during the growing season, the opportunity to connect with the farm, and a sense of community from cooperative work, shared responsibility, and keeping food dollars in the local economy
  • CSA benefits farmers by providing funds to make pre-season purchases and a known market in advance of the growing season. Farmers can plan more accurately and concentrate on farming.
  • CSA benefits the Earth by supporting farmers that employ sustainable agricultural practices and minimizing waste by avoiding overproduction and reducing packaging and transportation.

2016 - 17 Winter CSA List

Autumn's Harvest Farm (pork, beef, chicken)
(607) 869-3879

Blue Heron Farm
(607) 582-6336

Cayuta Sun Farm (pork and chicken)
(607) 227-3316

Crosswinds Farm & Creamery
(yogurt, eggs, cheese, beef, pork)
(607) 327-0363

Dancing Turtle Farm (Sprouts)
(740) 525-0062

Early Morning Farm (vegetables)
(315) 237-9170

Full Plate Farm Collective (vegetables)
(607) 379-2866

Full Plate Fruit Bowl (available with Full Plate)
(apples, cider, frozen fruit, jam, and more)
(607) 379-2866

Good Life Farm (wide variety of meat, vegetables, dairy, and other local products)
(607) 351-3313

Ithaca Organics (vegetables)
(607) 229-6684

Muddy Fingers Farm (vegetables)
(607) 546-4535

Plowbreak Farm (vegetables)
(508) 274-1375

Sapsquatch Maple Syrup

Six Circles Farm (vegetables)

Sweet Land Farm (vegetables)
(607) 793-1566

Wide Awake Bakery
(607) 387-9970

Last updated July 26, 2019