Sign from the old Compost Demonstration site at Ithaca Community Gardens

Compost Demonstration Site at Ithaca Community Gardens

Classes & Workshops

Our Compost Education Program offers classes and workshops for individuals throughout the year to help you succeed at composting at your home or apartment.  See the descriptions below, and visit our Events page for access to all CCE-Tompkins classes and events.

Fall Worm Compost Class

Sat, Oct 5, 10am - Noon at CCETC, 615 Willow Ave, Ithaca

Description: Learn how worms can make fast, rich compost for your garden while disposing of your food scraps. Take home the bin, a starter population of worms, and the knowledge to tend to your new pets. Space is limited. Fee: $10 per household includes starter bin & worms. Please register online or call 607-272-2292.

Advanced Compost Class Series

3 Thurs Classes: Oct 10, Oct 17 & Oct 24, 6-7:30pm at CCETC, 615 Willow Ave, Ithaca

Description: Go beyond compost basics and "dig deeper" into the art and science of composting in this three-class series:

  • Class 1 - types of outdoor bins, and the science of the compost process
  • Class 2 - compost's helpful role in the soil, testing and use
  • Class 3 - troubleshooting and advanced composting techniques

Come to one class or them all. Go home with some new ideas, and with a more complete understanding of how composting works. We guarantee better home composting just in time for the fall leaf season! Fee: $5/person per class or $10 for the 3-class series. To register, please register online or call 607-272-2292.

Bokashi Composting Workshop

Sat, Nov 23, 10am - Noon at CCETC, 615 Willow Ave, Ithaca

Description:This Japanese composting technique involves natural fermentation and offers a way for people to manage food scraps. The liquid produced can be used to water houseplants while the food scraps are predigested, and can then be composted or buried in the soil to finish. Join local bokashi enthusiasts to learn about the practice and go home with your own bokashi starter kit. Fee: $10 per household. Please register online, or call 607-272-2292.

Other Compost Classes and Workshops

    • Master Composter Training
    • Spring Worm Compost Class
    • Making Soil Mixes with Compost
    • Compost Learning Collaborative Training

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