A catered event
Image by Lara Parrilla Kaltman

A catered event

Food Entrepreneurship Program

We’re catering to the Tompkins County community, allowing you to help us support a diverse range of budding food entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of starting a catering business. The program has catered events both large and small at Cornell, in the city, and in local towns while drawing on Extension’s professional support, licensed kitchen and facilities. Whatever your taste, the Food Entrepreneurship Program is sure to impress with a range of cuisines from around the world!

The long-term goals of this project are to develop a sustainable and scalable framework and infrastructure that provides a realizable pathway out of poverty for small food business owners. This strengthens community commitment to fairness and opportunity in this sector of the local food industry. We hope that you will consider the Food Entrepreneurship Program for your next gathering!


Ezra-Jack Thomas
Food Entrepreneurship Program Educator
(336) 279-5910 cell

Last updated February 5, 2018