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Making Ends Meet

“Making Ends Meet” is a financial management education program covering basic financial management techniques. In it we cover topics including goal setting, tracking spending, developing and using a spending plan, and getting the most for your money.

This FREE two hour workshop promotes financial freedom by providing tools and knowledge for participants to confidently:

  • identify personal values and goals in relation to their family finances
  • track spending to see where their money is going
  • create a spending plan to help participants stretch their money
  • talk with other members of their household to agree on a household spending plan/budget
  • re-evaluate spending plan from time to time and revise based on personal values and goals

See our EVENTS Calendar for upcoming dates!  Join us and share your ideas about ways to save and utilize community resources. All participants receive a free assortment of money management tools.

Contact us to bring this workshop to your group or organization.

Download the workshop PowerPoint (PDF) , and Making Ends Meet Handouts for your individual use.


Kenneth McLaurin, Jr.
Financial Management Educator
(607) 272-2292 x120

Last updated May 6, 2020