A child with hair in pigtails holding a stick in a forest setting.

Primitive Pursuits participants develop a love of the outdoors,

A Primitive Pursuits youth blowing on tinder to start a fire.

learn new skills from experienced instructors,

A young person using a tool to carve a bow.

use their hands for creative projects,

A young person in an outdoor setting holds their hands up in celebration!

and make friends and memories year-round!

Primitive Pursuits

Primitive Pursuits is a non-profit 4-H program of Cornell Cooperative Extension. We provide leadership and place-based wilderness skills education to toddlers, youth, teens and adults throughout our geographical region. Each year hundreds of diverse youth from Tompkins County and beyond reconnect with the natural world through our year-round nature immersion programs and mentorship from our talented and dedicated staff.

In all seasons we work to deliver an experience of connection with the natural world by teaching skills that have served humans for all time. We do this through exploration and experience in the natural world. We are outside in all weather and all seasons, witnessing firsthand how plants and animals change and adapt with the earth’s turning, including us. We believe that if we can help people to feel a part of the world around them, and help them to ask great questions, then wherever they go they will have the tools to feel at home in and learn about their environment.

Join us for preschool, homeschool, afterschool, school breaks, teen leadership as well as our legendary summer camps including day camps for ages 3 - 15 and overnight camps for ages 9 - 16. More at primitivepursuits.com.


Rachel Bortin
Camp Director, Primitive Pursuits

Last updated January 30, 2024