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4-H youth at Primitive Pursuits camp
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Two young people using a tool to make jewelry out of natural materials.
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4-H Youth

Welcome to 4-H in Tompkins County! All youth activities offered by Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension fall under the 4-H umbrella, whether they happen after school, in the summer, or as a workshop, club, camp, or special event. 4-H programs are offered in a wide variety of formats and places because they're designed to fit the interests and needs of the diverse young people who live in our rural and urban communities. Over 4,000 young people aged 5 to 19 take part in 4-H activities in Tompkins County each year. The Tompkins County 4-H Program includes 4-H Clubs, 4-H Urban Outreach Programs, Rural Youth Services, and Primitive Pursuits.

Last updated January 26, 2024