Program Committees

Program committees are made up of individuals who have an interest or experience in one of our main program issue areas ( Agriculture, Consumer & Financial Management, Environment, Family & Community Development, Nutrition Health & Safety, or 4-H Youth Development) and who choose to share their time and talents with CCE-Tompkins as volunteer advisers. Program Committees meet monthly; individual members generally serve for a term of 3 years, although 2 and 1 year options also are considered.


The purpose of the program committee is to develop, communicate and evaluate quality educational programs that address the priority needs of Tompkins County residents and represent the research-based resources of Cornell University and other land grant institutions.

Major Duties

Each member is expected to participate in the following program committee roles from his/her perspective in the community:

  • Provide direction and guidance to CCE-Tompkins staff on the development of educational programs in response to community issues;
  • Evaluate and recommend grants and contracts, and other new initiatives in relation to CCE-Tompkins' strategic plan and plans of work;
  • Act as liaison with the working groups in the issue for oversight and support;
  • Provide input into Association policy and operations: fiscal, personnel, facilities, strategic planning, etc.
  • Cultivate and develop awareness, understanding and support for the program on which they serve, with potential program participants, targeted audiences, and public decision makers.


Program Committee members must be residents of Tompkins County; have a desire to assist in CCE-Tompkins' educational programs for county residents; and an ability to actively participate in Program Committee meetings.

Time Commitment

Attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings, lasting approximately 2 hours per meeting. Members missing three consecutive meetings without prior notification to the Program Committee may be asked to resign.

Related Commitments

Program Committees elect representatives to the Board of Directors and its standing committees from among their members. Members are encouraged but not required to participate in various CCE-Tompkins events, such as its Annual Breakfast Meeting in November.


Opportunity for leadership and group skill development; hands-on involvement in CCE-Tompkins' mission: Strengthening youth, adults, families and communities through learning partnerships that put knowledge to work.

Get Involved!

We welcome volunteer involvement from throughout Tompkins County. Please visit our Staff List and contact the program leader in your area of interest for information about volunteering on their Program Advisory Committee.

Last updated July 22, 2021