peeling paint on the side of a house
Image by Sandy Repp

Lead based paint is found in many older homes. Learn about the risks here.

 Freshwater flooding from Hurricane Irene (2011) in Highland, Ulster County, New York. The former Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge (now Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park) is seen in the background, obscured by fog and overcast skies immediately following the storm.
Image by Julian Colton

Our 'Emergency Preparedness' provide information on a range of topics.

gloved hand with sponge cleaning wall

You can make non-toxic home cleaning products with lemons, baking soda & vinegar.

Visit our pages on healthy homes to learn about mold, lead, radon and asbestos.

Do you have a well? Visit our fact sheets on wells for how to keep your water safe and good-tasting!

Your Home & Money

This section of our website includes information and resources on topics related to the physical aspects of housing, including energy conservation, indoor air quality, water purity, safety in the home, emergency preparedness, and home maintenance and repairs.  We also provide information, resources and classes in the areas of personal financial management and consumer issues.

Last updated December 20, 2023