Types of 4-H Volunteer Opportunities

4-H Club Organizational Leader

An adult volunteer who works with a 4-H club assists the club's members in planning their annual club program, conducting club business and enrolling individually or as a group in one or more 4-H projects. Members of a club are often from a small geographic area and may share an interest in a particular topic, but there must be a minimum of five members, and two volunteer leaders. 4-H staff assist with the application and screening process, and provide orientation, on-going training and access to resources.

4-H Club Project Leader
4-H project leaders help the Organizational Leader "teach" the educational component of the club program. They help organize and facilitate a series of project lessons, usually 4 - 6 meetings. Project leaders help members complete project record books and prepare work for evaluation at the 4-H Youth Fair.

Short Term Volunteer (Activity or Event)
Lead an activity at Environmental Appreciation Day, judge an event at the 4-H Youth Fair, assist with the Lansing Fishing Derby or volunteer on our annual 4-H Rubber Duck Race and 5K run. Share a skill or interest you have with an existing club or after school program, or help out at an organized workshop. Or you may choose to be a chaperone, provide transportation or simply accompany a youth group to a special event or activity.

4-H Committee Member
Individuals may participate as members of standing (long-term) or special (temporary, ad hoc) committees. Committee members often have less direct involvement with youth and serve in more of an administrative role in the 4-H program.

The 4-H Program Committee meets monthly with the 4-H Program Leader and provides overall direction and support for the entire 4-H program. Other committee opportunities include 4-H Consumer and Family Science, Livestock, Plant Science, and Public Presentations Program Development Committee ( PDC), 4-H Youth Fair Board, and local town youth commissions. Program Committee responsibilities are listed here (PDF)

The Tompkins County 4-H Fund Committee is a newly forming committee. The 4-H Fund Committee will identify and prioritize funding needs and develop guidelines to manage money raised. The committee will develop new and innovative fund raising efforts, meet with potential donors, research, inform and support staff in regard to grants, and find ways to connect with alumni. Committee responsibilities are listed here (PDF).

Youth Volunteer
This position is for teen 4-H members with an interest in leadership development within the 4-H program. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on the 4-H committees, 4-H Youth Fair Board, Jr. Camp Counselors, and internships. Developing leadership and fostering responsibility are two fundamental components of this position.

Last updated September 15, 2014