Case Study 3: Curious About EVs

Case Study 3: Curious About EVs

Terry is comfortable with his current car but has plans to replace it with an EV when the time comes. An expert on clean energy policy and technology, Terry also enjoys following the latest electric vehicle trends on trustworthy sites such Department of Energy research articles and blogs such as InsideEVs and Electrek. Having followed the news on the Hyundai Kona Electric for a while, he took it out for a test drive as soon as it was available at the local dealership.

Valuable Test Drive Experience

At the beginning of the test drive, he asked the sales associate how to start the car. He was amazed to learn that it was already running – a testament to the quietness of EVs. Like many newer cars, a push button switch is used to start the battery-electric vehicle.

The test drive really helped Terry get a sense of the vehicle dimension and its handling. He found the sub-compact SUV to be on the small side when considering future needs such as an expanding family.

Terry enjoyed the Kona Electric’s performance in city driving but recommends talking to the dealership about trying out other routes such as highways or hills to experience the various regenerative braking modes. He also hopes to try out other EV models to get a sense of the various models available on the market.

Good Service at the Dealership

Terry found his test drive experience to be pleasant. The sales associate was knowledgeable and the EV was charged and ready. In Ithaca, more and more car dealerships are responding to customer demand for EVs. In some instances, the sales associates themselves are EV owners – further proof that EVs are gaining acceptance as a viable form of transportation.

Last updated December 7, 2022