Sharon (?) collecting compost at Grassroots

Master Composter volunteer gathers buckets at Grassroots Festival.

Master Composters

Who are Master Composters?

Master Composters are a group of volunteers trained to educate the public about, and instill enthusiasm for, composting. Volunteers achieve these goals in a number of ways. They conduct workshops at Demonstration Sites throughout the county. Through exhibits and demonstrations, they provide information at community events held during the year at various locations. Volunteers also offer troubleshooting and technical assistance to composters in the community.

Anyone who has an interest in or basic knowledge of composting can become a Master Composter. The only requirements are enthusiasm for acquiring and sharing knowledge about composting and the interest and time to participate.

How does the Master Composter program benefit the community?

The Master Composter program benefits the whole community by furthering the goals of the Tompkins County Department of Recycling and Materials Management to reduce the amount of compostable materials going into landfills. In addition to reducing waste, educating people about compost has additional benefits in terms of helping households reduce costs of disposal, reduce expenses or gardening amendments, and improve soil and water quality.

Last updated February 14, 2022