Awards and Recognitions

Recognition is an important part of the 4-H experience for both youth and adults. Youth need to know how well they have contributed to the group and learned new skills. Recognizing their individual and group efforts provides them with positive feedback. Recognition and awards programming in 4-H is a strategy for helping participants become more capable and competent. Through the acknowledgement, affirmation and positive reinforcement of each person's effort, feelings of competence and capability increase and participation continues. Tompkins County 4-H program provides a variety of award and recognition opportunities in the following areas: Participation in educational experiences, progress towards self-determined goals, achieving standards of excellence, excelling in peer competitions, and excelling in cooperation within a group.

4-H Recognition Model

Life Skills Project Record

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Recognition

Record Book Outline

Teaching Record-Keeping

Tompkins County Award Trip Offerings

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Last updated September 11, 2023