About Way2Go

Way2Go operates as Tompkins County’s transportation information and learning hub that connects riders with transportation options and facilitates new community solutions. Our vision is for all people and communities to have the transportation they need to thrive.

Through its broad range of programming, Way2Go educates individuals, decision makers, and organizations about mobility challenges and solutions in Tompkins County and beyond, to bring about the changes necessary for a transportation system that works for all.

Guiding Principles

  • We promote new and existing shared transportation options.
  • We support public transit as the core of a robust transportation system.
  • We connect leaders in the areas of health, housing and employment to develop and promote joint solutions that reduce transportation barriers.
  • We serve all of Tompkins County with an emphasis on outreach to people with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and limited income, as well as seniors, rural populations, and newcomers.
  • We support transportation options that reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Last updated March 30, 2023